ARMELO Engineering



We are experienced in translating engineering concepts and ideas through to invaluable data analytics, visualizations, dashboards, and reports that provide insight and drive continuous improvement forward.

Metric (KPI) Development and Implementation: We help identify the right metrics to track and report on, supporting your organization achieve transformational change and continuous improvement.

Dashboards and Reporting: Bringing Power BI and Tableau Dashboards to life. Applications include:

  • Capital & Maintenance Program Reporting
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Operational Dashboards & Work Order Tracking
  • Inspection Result Analytics & Theme Identification

Continuous Improvement Programs: Engaging your staff to understand the current state of operations and desired outcomes, we implement a tried and tested methodology to develop your organizations customized roadmap for delivering operational improvements.

Data Analytics & Visualization


Our experienced staff are highly trained, versatile, and well equipped to deliver on your organization’s projects and programs. We draw our inspiration from identifying and implementing improvement opportunities that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Asset, Program, and Project Management Frameworks: Looking to implement or align your Asset Management practices to ISO55000 or achieve Ontario Reg. 588/17 compliance? We can help.

Project Management & Co-ordination: From stakeholder engagement to scope definition to on-going tracking and reporting, we employ the full range of PMI’s Body of Knowledge to help define and track your project’s health.

Value Stream Mapping and Process Improvement: We stakeholder and develop insightful VSM’s that provide our clients the high-level view needed to identify areas for improvement.

Mechanical System Design: Our big picture thinking and detailed calculations will make sure your capital project equipment is right sized to meet your unique process objectives.

3D Plant Layout, Design and Drafting: Our team members are fluent in both AutoCAD and MicroStation and ready to tackle all your plant layout, equipment design, and drafting needs.

Engineering Services

Have a Bright Idea and Need Support to Deliver Your Vision?

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We are working on the next generation of configurable and customizable software products that will further your organizational growth through optimized workflows and exceptional user adoption.

Agile Project Management: Looking to develop a software technology product, our experienced staff can provide the expertise needed to develop a realistic and achievable implementation plan.

Requirements Specification Support: Need to define and detail exactly what your software product will deliver? We provide exceptional stakeholdering that supports the identification of functional and non-functional objectives, development of use cases, and class models. Setting your project up for success from day one.

Engineering Process Support: Supporting your technology vision through engineering know-how and experience to ensure process and technology function as one.

Digital Solutions


Looking to build a powerful in-house team of engineering or data analytics & visualization professionals. We provide custom training packages and support to develop your in-house capability.

Customizable Staff Training Packages: In-person or virtual training to build your teams capability.

  • Project Management and Development
  • Program Management & Optimization
  • Asset Management & Maintenance Program Development

On Demand Support Staff: Highly skilled engineering support staff requiring minimal ramp up time.

  • Trained and Capable Data Analytic & Visualization Support
  • Trained and Capable Project Engineering Support
  • Trained and Capable Asset Management Support
Traning & Coaching